Real Shit Week

2012-07-30 09:46:45 by ShitHourGames

We have some little problems...
So this week wiil be WEEK OF REAL SHIT!!
Prepare for worst games ever.

And remember: new games every fucking day. Became fan - we love fans a lot.

Real Shit Week


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2012-07-30 13:38:42

looking forward to it


2012-08-01 01:14:45

Me 2 but done down the creepy penis games...


2012-08-01 01:15:20

Stop doing creepy penis games... I get that you like to pisss people off but I'm 14 i don;t need to see that... but it was funyn as heck :P


2012-08-10 20:33:00

D: no games in some days :c

ShitHourGames responds:

Sorry man. We had some problems (persecution by niggers and others). So we'll try to recover and back th everyday releases. Thanks for watching us.